Welcome & Quick Start

Welcome to the Soul Engine

Like a musician imparts their soul to music, Soul Engine developers impart their soul to digital beings.

The Soul Engine is a developer tool to build, debug, and host incredible experiences with AI Souls. AI souls, unlike chat-bots, exhibit personality, emotions, and agency.

The Soul Engine is a collection of clean, simple, and extensible abstractions and APIs for directing the cognitive processes and mental state of large language models (LLMs), steamlining the creation of mind-blowing experiences.

The Soul Engine is built on top of our open source core library. It offers multi-model (and multi-modal) access, vector search, and a variety of other APIs available as straightforward react-style hooks in your own codebase. Your code is then executed and hosted by the engine (think Vercel, and so much more, for AI souls).

Open Souls Statue

Quick Start

  1. Clone our community repository to explore example souls.
git clone https://github.com/opensouls/community
  1. Run the samantha-learns soul
# then CD into the samantha-learns example soul.
cd community/souls/samantha-learns
# and npm install
npm install
# and then run samantha
npx soul-engine dev

Those commands will open your web browser and you can chat with Samantha. Open up the samantha-learns directory in a code editor and try customizing the soul by modifying the Samantha.md file.

  1. Init your own soul
npx soul-engine init bob-the-millennial

That will create a blank soul 'Bob' and off you go creating your own experience.

Video Guide

💫 AI Souls

AI Souls are agentic and embodied digital beings, one day comprising thousands of mental processes (managed by the Soul Engine). Unlike traditional chatbots, your code gives AI souls personality, drive, ego, and agency. AI Souls interact with people (and each other) in a highly humane way, creating warm, interesting, and engaging experiences.

Folks building on the engine have creating souls that:

  • bring characters from their IP to life
  • interact on their discord
  • are present with them in AR
  • teach kids
  • reside in games
  • and so much more...


Dive into our tutorials and examples to learn by doing and rapidly enhance your proficiency with the Soul Engine.

Blueprints: Understand the architecture and subsystems of souls. Souls: Incorporate AI souls into your own applications and experiences. Core: The basic library for using cognitive steps to modify and create WorkingMemory


Philip discovers his own code.

Philip's code is on Github (opens in a new tab).

Milton is trapped in a room

Milton's code is on Github (opens in a new tab).