Designing a mind is complex, but understanding the Soul Engine should be straightforward.


Open Souls is Alpha. Pricing subject to change as learn and grow! Feedback welcome on Discord (opens in a new tab).

At Open Souls, we believe that pricing should be simple, transparent, and fair. Our goal is to make the incredible power of AI souls accessible to as many developers and creators as possible.

We've designed our pricing model with a few key principles in mind:

  1. Simplicity: Pricing should be easy to understand. You shouldn't need a PhD to figure out your bill.

  2. Transparency: There should be no hidden fees or surprise charges. What you see is what you get.

  3. Fairness: Pricing should scale with usage. Small projects should be affordable, while larger projects can grow without breaking the bank.


Technology evolves rapidly. We require flexibility to provide you with the best experience at the best price. We use a credit system to allow you to pay-per-use and offer you the best prices as we grow.


During our Alpha, our formula for converting credits to dollars is:

1 credit = $1


Usage Calculation

We add a nominal markup to our costs in order to fund continued improvements to our technology. Here's how we calculate credit usage:

  • Model Proxy: 1x + 0.75% proxy fee
    • We add a 0.75% proxy fee to cover the cost of our model proxy.
    • Otherwise, we pass through the cost of any LLM API call.
  • Storage: 0.15 credits/gigabtye
    • Storage is cheap! We transfer that savings to our customers.
    • We add a fee to cover the cost of Databases, Backups, and Object Storage.
  • Compute: 0.0015 credits/second of execution time
  • Data Transfer
    • Inbound: Free
    • Outbound: 500MB free, then 0.02 credits/gigabyte


We offer three tiers of service, designed to accomodate projects of any size, from hobbyists to large enterprises.



  • 25 credits
  • Support in Discord


Every user gets $25 worth of credits immediately upon signing up. No credit card, no waitlist, no problem.

By signing up, you'll gain access to Discord, where our staff is happy to support you via public channels.



  • Everything in Free
  • Priority Feature Requests
  • Priority Support
  • "Alchemist" Discord Role
  • Pay what you want


Become an AI Souls Alchemist. Get access to Priority Support and Priority Feature Requests in through our private Discord channels. That means faster response times, more space to make suggestions, and more personalized attention from our team - your souls will thank you.

Additional Credits

Additional credits may be purchased directly from us at any time, in any amount, from $5 to $2000. You may also set up a recurring monthly purchase if you'd like to automatically top-off your credits each month. This is a great way to support Open Souls, and ensures you always have enough credits to power your projects!


If you have a larger-scale project (like Movies or Games) and know you'll need:

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Dedicated support
  • Uncapped usage

We are happy to support your use case! Reach out to to tell us more.