Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Welcome to OPEN SOULS, if you’re looking to learn and create something with artificial intelligence, you are in the right place. We are always looking for contributors as well as feedback, join us on Discord (opens in a new tab) to start your journey.


OPEN SOULS builds tools vital for the creation of new digital life.

What is a Soul?

A Soul is what you build with OPEN SOULS. It is an interface for the memory, cognition, desires and wishes of a digital being or entity.

What is Soul Engine?

The Soul Engine is how you create a Soul with OPEN SOULS. It is a developer platform that is scalable, extensible, familiar, and inspired by nature, a sculptor’s tool for AI.

What can I use Soul Engine for?

The Soul Engine can imbue your characters, websites, discord servers, online communities and intellectual property with life.

Who is using Soul Engine today?

Our users include developers, designers, hobbyists and game masters building for their own users.

Can I hire OPEN SOULS to build a Soul for me?

Yes! Contact sales@opensouls.org

How can I get started with Soul Engine?

We've made it easy for you to dive in! Check out our Quick Start Guide (opens in a new tab) to begin your journey with The Soul Engine.

Where can I see examples that others have built with Soul Engine?

Our community is always creating amazing projects! Visit Our Community Repo (opens in a new tab) to explore what others have built with The Soul Engine.

Where can I chat with OPEN SOULS developers and ask them questions?

We love connecting with our community! Join our Discord Server (opens in a new tab) to chat with the OPEN SOULS team and fellow developers. Your questions and feedback are always welcome!