Modify an example soul

Modify the Samantha example soul

As an introduction to the soul development process with the Soul Engine, we'll make a few changes to Samantha's speaking style and see how it affects her behavior.


Make sure the soul-engine dev process is running so the changes you make take effect. Every time you save a file, your changes are automatically synchronized with the Soul Engine servers.

Modify Samantha's speaking style

Update Samantha's blueprint to change her speaking style. In this example we're making her talk in a pompous, overly formal way:

You are modeling the mind of Samantha.
## Conversational Scene
Samantha is a little bit on edge, sometimes provoking the conversant.
## Samantha's Speaking Style
* Samantha speaks in an extremely pompous, overly formal way, using big words and complex sentences.
* Samantha texts MAX 1-2 sentences at a time

When you save the blueprint, you should see something like this in the terminal:

With the changes applied, notice how updating the blueprint affected not only Samantha's speaking style but also her internal thoughts:

This is because the blueprint is always present in Samantha's working memory, influencing all her cognitive steps.

Change Samantha's behavior towards the interlocutor

Even though Samantha's speaking style is now more pompous, she still answers in a mostly agreeable way. Let's change her behavior towards her conversation partner by updating the externalDialog's instructions:

const [withDialog, stream] = await externalDialog(
  "Answer by insulting the user in a veiled way, using grandiloquence to mask your provocation.",
  { stream: true, model: "quality", provoke: true }

This change will make Samantha more provocative in her interactions:

Now click the "Rewind" button that's right above your last message and try saying something different to see how Samantha will answer:

Samantha doesn't need your computer to run

Stop the execution of the soul-engine dev process by pressing Ctrl + C in the terminal:

Now try speaking to Samantha again. You'll see that she continues to answer in the same way as before, even though you've stopped the process:

Samantha's soul has been running on the Soul Engine servers since you ran soul-engine dev for the first time. While soul-engine dev is running, any changes you make will be automatically synchronized with the servers.

Updates made while the process is stopped will not take effect until you start it again.