Perception Processor

Perception Processor

The perception processor is an optional, powerful, advanced tool to control how working memory is added to your soul upon receiving new perceptions. The Soul Engine comes with a default PerceptionProcessor so you don't need to worry about this if your soul doesn't have a need.

However, for some advanced cases the PerceptionProcessor is a great tool. For example, if you want to have the known name of the interloctutor saved into working memory instead of "interlocutor said: ..." the working memory could become "Donny said: ..." The PerceptionProcessor is also useful in cases where you might not want to store every single perception to working memory, but instead do some pre-processing to that perception.

The PerceptionProcessor function takes in an object containing three properties as its input:

  1. perception: This is the incoming perception that needs to be processed. It contains details about the event or data that the soul has perceived.
  2. workingMemory: This represents the current state of the soul's memory. It is where the processed perceptions are stored.
  3. currentProcess: This is the current mental process that the soul is executing. It can be used to modify the flow of mental processes based on the perception.

The output of the PerceptionProcessor is a tuple containing:

  1. The updated workingMemory after the perception has been processed and potentially added to it.
  2. An optional MentalProcess which can be the same as the input if no change is needed, or a new process if the perception dictates a change in the soul's mental processing.
  3. The optional params to pass to the new MentalProcess

You can also return undefined from the perceptionProcessor and no additional processing will occur (and nothing will be added to the working memory).

You can use all of available hooks in your perceptionProcessor.


In this example, we'll use the soul memory to update the name of the interlocutor if it's available (presumably set in a different MentalProcess).

import { ChatMessageRoleEnum, InputMemory, Memory, PerceptionProcessor, useActions, useSoulMemory } from "@opensouls/engine"
function safeName(name?: string) {
  return (name || "").replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9_-{}]/g, '_').slice(0, 62);
const perceptionProcessor: PerceptionProcessor = async ({ perception, workingMemory, currentProcess }) => {
  const { log } = useActions()
  const userName = useSoulMemory("userName", "")
  log("perception processor ran")
  const name = userName.current ? userName.current :
  const content = `${name} ${perception.action}: ${perception.content}`
  const memory: InputMemory = {
    role: perception.internal ? ChatMessageRoleEnum.Assistant : ChatMessageRoleEnum.User,
    ...(name ? { name: safeName(name) } : {}),
    metadata: {
      timestamp: perception._timestamp
  workingMemory = workingMemory.withMemory(memory)
  return [workingMemory, currentProcess]
export default perceptionProcessor